Welcome to the Best Traveled Babe! I’m a one-year-old babe from the Southeastern United States who enjoys traveling the world, seeing new sites, eating new foods, and meeting new people! I love to hike, play at the beach, and explore.

In my short time on earth, I’ve already been to several U.S. cities (Savannah, Atlanta, Houston, San Diego) and a few foreign countries (France, Poland, and Germany). This summer, my family is embarking on a Grand Tour and we’ll be living abroad in France, Italy, and Poland! We’ll be visiting Brazil and Switzerland as well!

The “we” I speak of is myself along with the Mama and the Papa. A little more about them: the Papa is a mathematician, and it’s his research that is taking us to all sorts of cool places! He’s on sabbatical this fall, so we’re combining our usual summer travels with fall semester too! The Mama is taking a break from work to take care of me and keep this blog about my travels, since I’m too little to type.

Welcome along on my adventure!