The Babe does Paris! (Day 5)

Y’all know I LOVE museums! I enjoy looking at the art, especially if there are little kids or doggies (or ducks)! And everyone knows the Mecca of art museums is the Louvre. Some people thought my parents were nuts, but we set aside a whole day to check it out. And you know what? It was perfect!

Day 5: The Louvre

We arrived early in the morning to the Louvre. There’s a metro station that stops right at the museum, so getting there is pretty straight forward. Finding how to get inside proved a little more of a challenge…

We purchased our tickets online, and should have been able to just walk in.

Instead, we ended up upstairs, and outside. We had to go through security twice!

Fortunately, we had a timed entry (and a stroller), and that let us skip to the front of the second security line. Also, the Dada and I got to ride down in the open elevator, and Dada said he felt like the Emperor during the Galactic Empire Speech in Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. He wants me to link to the YouTube video, but I think you guys can find it on your own if you don’t know what he’s talking about.

Ok, so here’s the thing about the Louvre. It doesn’t matter if you still take naps like me, or you’re in the prime of life, or you need to take lots of breaks like my Nana, you can’t see it all in one day. It’s too big. I mean, you could walk through it all in one day, I guess, but you can’t take it all in. So, the Mama and the Dada made a game plan. They looked at the map and decided which exhibits they wanted me to see, and which we would skip/see another time.

The sculpture gallery was first.

Well, that’s impressive!

The problem with the sculpture gallery is that it is not stroller friendly. Lots and lots of stairs! Some of the stairs had lifts, but most did not. We quickly decided to skip the sculpture gallery this time and move on to the painting galleries. Yes, it meant we missed some famous sculptures, but it gives us an exciting reason to go back in the future!

We went to the top floor first. Mama likes to work her way down from the top floor, and in this case, it worked really well. The top floors were mostly empty! It meant I could get up close and personal with my favorite pieces.

Like this one of chickens……and this one of a horse…and some dude.This guy was copying a painting, and was doing a really good job! I could have watched him for hours!Still got to see some of the sculptures, from a cool vantage point!

One floor down, and I was pooped! I took a little nap in my stroller while the Mama and the Dada checked out another floor.

The galleries with paintings all had lifts when they had stairs. So much better for wandering around in the stroller. I woke up just in time for lunch on the veranda. By working our way from the top down, we made it to the cafe just in time for lunch.My favorite part of the museum, feeding the pigeons!

Here birdie, birdie!

After lunch, it’s back to doggie spotting!

There’s two doggies!

Finally, we made it to the pièce de résistance, the Mona Lisa. The line was long, but not horrible, and we had the stroller to block anyone who tried to cut us in line! All these people are here to see me, right?

Meh, she’s not a doggie.

I think of all the paintings, this one is my favorite!Dada taught me that sometimes you have to look up to take it all in.

After we had our fill of looking at the art, we tried to find the “Touch Gallery.” It’s a special area of the museum set up for those who are visually impaired. There are replicas there that they can touch to gain an appreciation of the art. The Mama thought I might enjoy getting to touch some art too, since so often she has to say “don’t touch.”

We got lost and ended up in the African art wing. Most of it was meh, but this drum was super cool!

The touch gallery was awesome! There were about 20 pieces there, which was more than enough for me to explore! I know this wasn’t the intended purpose, but I recommend it for anyone who visits the Louvre with littles! I mean, how often do you get to hug a work of art?!

Two cherubs. Can you tell which is the work of art and which is alive ?She needs help with her blankie.Boobies! Sorry, I was breastfed.I can point too!


Right as we were finishing lunch, it started to rain. It could have put a damper on our plans for awesome pictures with the pyramids outside, but we did have umbrellas we borrowed from our hotel, so we were prepared.

Dada making sure I stay dry!

Mama and I. I was so happy they finally let me hold my own umbrella!

After such a long day, I thought it was important we all go back to our hotel room and take a little rest before dinner.

Making sure Dada gets in a little nap so he’s not cranky at dinner.

We wanted some place near our hotel for dinner since we were tired and hungry. Found a kebab place nearby. The food was good, the ketchup was better. I blame the jet lag. I don’t normally pass out during dinner!

Plum tuckered out!

Great art! Great day! Loved our time at the Louvre, and would definitely recommend it for other traveling Babes! Just remember, you won’t see everything, so plan accordingly.

~The Babe

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