The Babe does Paris! (Day 4)

The Mama and Dada don’t let people call me a princess. They say we aren’t royalty, and unless I marry into a title one day, I’m not likely to be a princess in my lifetime. BUT, for one day we got to pretend!

Day 4: Palace of Versailles

It’s a long train trip to Versailles from Paris. It took us about an hour to get there, and the Mama was insistent that we arrive by 9AM. She even booked us a timed admission so that we wouldn’t be late.

It’s a good thing I’m an early riser! And I love trains!

Here’s why the Mama wanted to arrive early:

The line for the people who bought a timed entry ticket. It still took us about 25 minutes to get inside and through security.

The line to get in without a timed entry ticket. And this was at 9AM, when the Palace opens. Later in the day the line is insane!

Once inside the gate, there were far fewer people…but not for long!

Come on people! I wanna see the palace!

So, this is a really important thing for all my traveling Babe friends to know. You cannot bring a stroller or a framed carrier (i.e. a hiking backpack) into Versailles. While packing for our trip, the Mama and Dada went back and forth on whether or not to bring a wrap and/or the Ergo. Unfortunately, they decided to bring only the umbrella stroller and the hiking backpack…neither of which they could use in Versailles.

Fortunately, Paris is a melting pot of people, and the day before the Mama had noticed all the African ladies carrying their babies (and toddlers too!) using only a scarf! Taking advantage of still being awake at 2am due to jet lag, she went on YouTube and found a tutorial on how to do the “Kanga wrap.” She had brought a long scarf to keep her warm during the Poland portion of our trip, so she dug it out of her bags. She told the Dada in the morning about her plan. He was a little dubious, but went along with it (because although I’m light, it’s still a challenge to carry me for a long time).

Once we got to Versailles, the Mama gave it a try!

Voilà! It works! It was actually super comfy for both the Mama and the Babe!

With our kanga wrap all set up, we were ready to explore the beautiful palace.

Look at the pipe organ!

The views through the windows are just as beautiful as the inside of the building.

Gold gilt everything! It’s a little much for my taste, but it is stunning to see in person!

Learning about life in the Palace on the audio tour.

Sometimes life imitates art.

Did I mention the kanga wrap was super comfortable? So much so, I slept through a good portion of the tour through the palace. Gotta get my beauty rest! Unfortunately, I feel asleep during the most impressive part of the palace: the Hall of Mirrors.

Look at that door!

And the ceiling!

Sleeping soundly. The little old ladies thought it was so cute…at least that’s what Mama says. I don’t remember this part.

The Dada having fun with the warping of the centuries old mirrors.Egg head.

I did wake up in time to see the Hall of War.

It’s impressive…and large.

The Dada wouldn’t let go of his audio tour…so I led him around by the lanyard.

Ready to go outside and see the gardens!Garden goals!I wanted to play in this fountain, but the Mama and Dada wouldn’t let me.They wouldn’t let me play in this one eitherI liked these flowers. They looked like puff balls.So pretty! Anyone know what these are?Versailles from afar. The gardens are massive…and we didn’t even see everything.

We wandered all through the gardens. I was so good and sweet, Mama and Dada decided I deserved a sweet treat. Gelato is the best!

After our gelato break, we tried to take the train to Marie Antoinette’s chateau. I say try, because the driver didn’t open the doors when we got there, so we waited patiently (maybe we had to wait our turn?). Then he took off for the next stop. The Dada asked him why he hadn’t opened the door, and he told him that we hadn’t signaled. Then he told the Dada that he doesn’t stop there on the return trip, and we would have to walk.

So walk we did…the long way around to the farm. We made it to the rear entrance, which wasn’t open, then had to walk all the way back around to the front. When I say we, I mean the Dada and the Mama…I was fortunately in my stroller. I’m still a new walker, and my little legs get tired quickly!

But we did get to see sheep! Baa!!

Finally we made it to the front entrance. We were running short on time (because of the long detour), so we skipped the little palace and went to the gardens and the chateau instead. Such a good idea!Stopping to smell the lilacs. I love to smell flowers…I always sniff and say “Mmm!”

It’s so pretty and tranquil here!Geese! I love seeing all the animals!If you need me, I’ll be here…pretending to be a princess pretending to be a shepherdess.Hello sweet little chateau!

Wildflower field. Got my fill of smells here! Dada says I look like a flower child.

The absolute best part of the day came next! We got to the farm near Marie Antoinette’s chateau. So many animals to see! So little time!

Goat! Maaaa!Hey! I know that animal! It’s Mary’s little lamb!Seriously, so happy to be here!Chickens, and roosters, and ducks, and geese…and a fellow animal lover to share it with!Honk! Honk!Had to walk a long way back to the entrance, but it was worth it to see all my farm animal friends!

I had a fabulous day exploring Versailles!

Before taking the train back to our hotel, we stopped for dinner in town. My favorite part was the wandering accordion player. He was so good, and played “La vie en rose” just for me! He even let me play his accordion!

Trying to be subtle while checking out the accordion player from afar.

So glad he came over to play for me. I love music!

For anyone considering taking their Babe to Versailles, I highly recommend it! Keep in mind the carrier limitations, and skip some of the crowded areas for Marie Antoinette’s chateau and especially the farm! The palace itself isn’t conducive to little people like me walking around, but the grounds are!

~The Babe

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