The Babe does Paris! (Day 3)

Here’s a little sneak peek into my daily routine when traveling. I start by stealing the foam from Mama’s coffee.

Espressos are good, but cappuccinos have the best foam!

After breakfast, we play and read books.

Inspecting the world outside our window.

Then I take my morning nap. Mama likes to make sure I take one good nap in the hotel each day if possible. It helps me adjust to the new time zone.

The crib the hotel gave me was broken. It took them a few days to be able to get a new crib, but that didn’t bother me any. Although I kept rolling off the mattress!

When I wake up, we finish getting ready, and then hit the road!

Dada went a little overboard on my sunscreen!

A quick lunch, and we’re ready to explore!

Day 3: La basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre and Jardin du Luxembourg

A short train ride took us to Montmartre on the north side of Paris. This is the neighborhood of Picasso and the Moulin Rouge, the Bohemians and Impressionists. It’s also the highest point in the city, and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart sits on the highest point. The Mama and the Dada took me there to get the best views of Paris!

Isn’t it beautiful?!

It was a bit of a hike from the train station to this point, and there are still a ton of stairs to go….plus the 300 steps inside the basilica to the viewing deck at the top! So, we took the funicular the rest of the way. There wasn’t a line, and it was included in our metro pass!

The facade and the statue of King Saint Louis.

The nice thing about going to tourist places early in the season is that the line to get in was pretty short.

Oooh! Aaah!

It’s so beautiful, I’m salivating. Just kidding! Spilled some water…gotta stay hydrated!

Three hundred steps later…

Isn’t my Mama a trooper? I’m sure glad I didn’t have to climb all those steps!

The views (and the breeze) were worth it!

Bon jours Paris!

Going down is actually the worst part. It makes you dizzy, and you have to be super careful you don’t trip and fall! Once we made it down, we took a little break on the step out front. There were people selling all sorts of stuff, and a really cool street performer.

It was a nice little break, and the view was pretty spectacular from here too!

A lot of people spend time wandering around Montmartre, but the Mama and the Dada felt it was overly touristy and there wasn’t anywhere for me to safely play. So, we hopped on the metro and road south to the Luxembourg Gardens.

Isn’t this path lovely? I can totally picture ladies in gorgeous gowns walking down this lane!

There are so many palaces and lovely gardens throughout Paris! This one was one of my favorites! I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Paris with toddlers or young kids!

Plenty of rocks to play with!

A beautiful palace to admire.

Older kids can pay a small fee to sail a boat in the fountain. I enjoyed just watching! Each boat is for a different country, and there’s even a pirate ship!

There are lots of chairs all around the park for people to sit and enjoy the weather and the gardens.

I had a blast people watching!

Look! A “do! Woof, woof!”

There are pony rides for the older kids, and an awesome playground! My favorite part? The sand box!

I could have played here for hours!

Now that I have a stick, I may never leave!

Eventually we did leave. Had to have dinner! After a good meal, we road the metro back home. I had such a fun day, now I’m wiped out!

Still need a travel pillow, but I figured out how to get comfy enough to sleep this time.

Until tomorrow!

~The Babe

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