The Grand Tour

I am excited to announce the details (as we have them planned so far!) of our Grand Tour!

In early May, we will be boarding our flight for Paris, France! We’ll spend a week in Paris, taking in the sights and getting over jet lag (Note from The Mama: I’ll be posting about jet lag and babies soon!).

From mid-May until mid-July, we will be in Belfort, France. The Papa will be working with a colleague at the university there, while the Mama and I go on hikes, check out the local sights, and hopefully learn a little French (well, the Mama anyway, I’m still trying to learn my native languages!).

In June we’ll be spending a long weekend in Switzerland…including a trip to Art Basel!

We’ll spend the last two weeks of July in Italy on vacation. The Papa and the Mama haven’t quite nailed down where, but I’ve heard them say “Grosseto” and “Rome” a lot.

The last bit of July and first week-and-a-half of August will be spent in Rio de Janeiro! The Papa will be at a conference, and the Mama and I are going to be beach babes! Did I mention I LOVE the beach?!

Then we go back to Italy for the rest of August. This part is also vacation (The Papa keeps calling it a “Hemingway Vacation”–work in the mornings, play in the afternoons). Location is also TBD on this part, but there’s a cute little AirB&B on Elba Island (yes, the island were Napoleon was sent to in exile!) we’ve been eyeing. There’s already a cute little bed for me! Other locations are still being discussed, so we’re really not sure yet! Regardless, a little sight seeing, a little beach combing, and a little language learning (once again for the Mama…Papa already speaks Italian, and I’m–well, I don’t say much more than “uh-oh,” “mama mama,” and “papa papa” yet…).

(Update: The Mama and the Papa tried so hard, but the visa paperwork didn’t come through…so we’ll be going to the UK instead!).

Finally, we conclude The Grand Tour with a three month stay in Warsaw, Poland! We were in Warsaw last summer, and it really is a hip, up-and-coming city. The Papa will be working at a big math institute there. The Mama and I did most of the touristy things last summer, so it’ll be interesting to find the cool things the locals like to do. Mama has no illusions about learning Polish.

I am really looking forward to traveling the world (well, a nice part of Europe…and a tiny bit of South America) this year! Hope you enjoy reading about all my adventures too!

~The Babe

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